How to buy HydroCoins (HYC)?

HydroCoins are tokens according to ERC20 standard. To buy HYC you have to send Ether (ETH) from your own personally dedicated wallet to the ICO Smart Contract adress.

The ICO Smart Contract Adress will be displayed on the bottom side of this page, once you have entered your own wallet adress for whitelisting. This whitelisting is needed due to jurisdictional regulations and it is at the same time the first step to build a KYC/AML process, which are still under development.

The ICO Smart Contract, programmed intelligently, manages all necessary steps to deliver the right amount of HYC to the right wallet adress. Without any human interference or manually confirmation, automatically it receives the incoming ETH, calculates equivalent amount, mint and send HYC back to the wallet adress, where initially ETH came from.

For cryptocurrency beginners and professionals we recommend to create an Ether Wallet at

(Please doublecheck the URL before you proceed to create a new wallet)

At the end it is up to you, at which service provider you want to have your own Ether Wallet and want to keep your HYC. If you already have ETH, you can send them directly from you own wallet to the ICO Smart Contract adress, and get the proper amount of HYC automatically. In this case your investment process is finished. The ICO Smart Contract receives ETH and you get for each 0.001 ETH exactly 1 HYC. The EUR and USD value of HYC can change due to the fluctuations on the markets.

If you are new to the cryptocurrency business and want to buy HydroCoin, then you have to buy ETH at any marketplace. Marketplaces are Exchanges for Cryptocurrencies or Service Companies, where different possibilities are offered to buy ETH.

IMPORTANT: In any cases, there is a need for a personally dedicated wallet according to ERC20 standard for keeping HYC. Do not send any ETH from a wallet of an exchange account.

If you want to buy HYC with any other cryptocurrency then ETH, then you can use BESTRATE widget at the bottom of this page. It will appear after whitlisting your wallet adress. Please be aware, that BESTRATE is a third-party software, which does not belong to HydroCoin ecosystem.

Please be careful entering wallet and smart contract adresses. Copy & Paste is always recommended.

It is also recommended to set the Gas Price to at least 21 Gwei and Gas Limit to 90000 to make sure, your transaction is verified.

If you enable “show tokens” in your ERC20 wallet, you can see your received HydroCoins (HYC).

Register your Wallet for Whitelisting before proceeding

The Wallet Address to send your ETH


1 HydroCoin (HYC) = 0.001 ETH


or buy via BestRate


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