How to buy HydroCoins (HYC)?

HydroCoins are tokens according to ERC20 standard. As an investor you need to have a personally dedicated Ether wallet. This is the first requirement to buy and hold HydroCoins. We recommend

At the end it is up to you, where you want to have your own Ether wallet. In the next step it is needed to transfer Ether (ETH) to your newly created wallet. Therefore you have to buy Ether (ETH) at a cryptocurrency marketplace. For buying Ether (ETH) with EUR, USD or any other currency you can use

On btcdirect you can create an account, transfer your funds to buy Ether (ETH), by entering your Ether wallet adress (be careful, please copy & paste your wallet adress, it begins with 0x and looks like 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000). Now you have your Ether (ETH) in your own personally dedicated wallet, from which you can send ETH to buy HydroCoin (HYC). Smart Contract address is: 0xa0f6026fe48d0b1e435025bdf5d936e16ff5bb91. Doublecheck the adress before sending your Ether (ETH).

It is recommended to set the Gas Price to at least 21Gwei and Gas Limit to 90000 to make sure, your transaction is verified.

During the presale 1 HydroCoin (HYC) costs 0.0009 ETH. At the time of writing 1 HYC equals around 0.25 EUR or 0.29 USD. The EUR and USD value can change due to the fluctuations on the markets.

If you enable “show tokens” in your ERC20 wallet, you can see your received HydroCoins (HYC).


The Wallet Address to send your ETH




1 HydroCoin (HYC) = 0.0009 ETH