We are celebrating our new Website – Design with a Bonus-Race. Every week you will see a counter on our startpage with a task, to earn extra Bonus added on your purchase of HydroCoin HYC – token. The counter will always run until sunday, 11:59:59 pm UTC+2

In the first week – starting May 14th – we do not ask for an additional task. We just celebrate our new website-design and offer you additional 15% Bonus. In the following weeks you will find the conditions for our Bonus-Race here in this Blog.

Minimum-purchase to qualify for a bonus is 50 HYC. When you finished your transaction, send us an eMail with your name, your Wallet-address and the Transaction-Number (TX-Hash). We will then send you the Bonus within 3 days into your wallet. For bonus request, use our new eMail address bonus@hydrocoin.org


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IMPORTANT: In any cases, there is a need for a personally dedicated wallet according to ERC20 standard for keeping HYC. Do not send any ETH from a wallet of an exchange account!!!


To buy Hydrocoin Tokens, you must first verify via KYC. Therefore, after logging in, you will be redirected to our partner, who will do the KYC verification for us.

IMPORTANT! Please enter the same data you entered here when registering.

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