We are celebrating our new Website – Design with a Bonus-Race. Every week you will see a counter on our startpage with a task, to earn extra Bonus added on your purchase of HydroCoin HYC – token. The counter will always run until sunday, 11:59:59 pm UTC+2

In the first week – starting May 14th – we do not ask for an additional task. We just celebrate our new website-design and offer you additional 15% Bonus. In the following weeks you will find the conditions for our Bonus-Race here in this Blog.

Minimum-purchase to qualify for a bonus is 50 HYC. When you finished your transaction, send us an eMail with your name, your Wallet-address and the Transaction-Number (TX-Hash). We will then send you the Bonus within 3 days into your wallet clicca questo collegamento ora. For bonus request, use our new eMail address bonus@hydrocoin.org


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